Change is constant…


Change is constant , everything else is variable. True it is. Its been what a decade , that we have seen a tremendous amount of changes in this world economy. Yes we have, especially after we were hit by the turmoil that began in 2007. Interestingly we not only saw the turmoil in the financial world , but we had a ripple effect of this on other areas. Fiscal deficits rose, imports and exports were hit, currencies started loosing their . It was hard to believe for me to see dollar hitting Rs38,Rs39. What more?

Every situation demands a change. This one too. I myself being into investment banking world thought about. Although i am just a pawn in this game of chess , but i think its our thought process that makes a lot of difference in this world. So i started thinking about it.


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Now whats the most important thing for any company in this world ? Think about it . Its very obvious . Well the answer is its shareholders , investors. The key to remain stable or successful is to retain the confidence of the investors even if the water has reached the deck of your ship. This confidence will only can save your sinking ship. Well yes, didn’t we see many ships sinking. I don’t need to take names. 🙂 .

So , i thought of a platform. A platform where investors could interact with each other. More of networking. It was all about being social on a individual investment. So, think of a facebook page where individual investors would have access to each other .  This would give an opportunity for investors to interact with each other. May be your company might end up attracting more investors. A competitive way to get your sinking ship back to sailing. 🙂

Let me think more on it.

Shwetal – An avid writer.



Thats what i call grabbing opportunity


I have a habit of reading , and this morning i Google some investment banking news and there came a link to an article from business today. It said the rise of boutique investment banks in India. Time and again markets have gone under water , almost to the level of sinking. But why ? The why is not for why markets sunk but for why when things turned sour they did not come under control. Why the intelligent minds don’t try to turn around things and grab a opportunities.

I saw so many people loosing their jobs and are out of work. Some selling newspapers outside. Some opening their shops. Not that i am saying that they are doing bad , but there are some people who are different . Who are recognized for grabbing opportunities.  One such set of people whom i read about in business today were outstanding. Even when things turned bad for markets these innovative brains have implemented the concept which i would say big giants would think twice to implement . Just because they don’t want to make small profits. Well these small profits act like an umbrella for the rainy days. When the storm is already there you cannot have grilled fish in the kitchen, rather you got to work on the deck of the ship to save the lives of 100’s that are on board.

The concept of boutique investment bank that was implemented in India is amazing. I am not sure if it was implemented or how it was implemented in other countries.

Small line of customers (presumably anxious in...

Small line of customers (presumably anxious investors and savers) outside a branch of Northern Rock – a Mortgage specialist and a top UK mortgage lender – in North Street, Brighton, East Sussex. The business (a former “savings and loan” type Building Society which was demutualised in 1997) has been affected in part by problems in the US “subprime” lending market. Picture taken late on Friday afternoon on 14th September 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Post the aftermath of global financial crisis around in 2008 , investors had started loosing trust on the big giants or the big investment banks. This was the opportunity for a concept to rise. That is where these boutiques scored over the big investment banks. The specialty of these boutique investment banks was that they started making profits on a smaller scale initially with a bunch of research folks and analysts. Yes profit margins were slow but as things progressed the deals were flowing in sm0othly and that is the profit margins of these boutique investment banks went high and that too in billions. And this made me realize that you want to reach billions you still have to start from 0. And hats off to these entrepreneurs who showed the courage to take the risk and turn around things for themselves.

If you ask me boutique i would say boutique investment banking no one researched but it already was inside a human brain , someone had to take the courage to implement this concept. The one who takes the courage is the one who succeeds. And that is very true from these examples set. Please refer more the business today article for more.


Wall street – Money Never sleeps


Canary Wharf is a major business and financial...

Canary Wharf is a major business and financial centre and is home to some of the UK’s tallest buildings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its been close to 7 years , i have spent in investment banking world. Though in technology , i still have seen the business while i worked in London. When i first entered my office in London , i felt i was in a world where people are running around as if they are about to loose their money. Business would almost kill you if you are not meeting the expectations. And fortunately or unfortunately i landed working in London with a group where calling a day hectic was a very small thing to do.

I still remember when i met my boss , there were two other team members who were constantly speaking to someone as if the person on the other end is about to kill them. That is when i got to know that this world is like living in forest “If you want to survive you have to be fit. No other choice.” Its all about money in investment bank. I used to feel people are greedy sometimes, but its not about greed . The market it self has set such a high expectations that during the good times that i remember a small drop in profit would leave people unsatisfied.

There was only one word around ” Client Client and client” . Working for client became my passion . Looking at their reports sorting out there issues was more of a passion than profession for me. And it was bound to happen as you get to learn so much.

English: Morgan Stanley's office on Times Square

English: Morgan Stanley’s office on Times Square (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even after i used to leave work i used to get calls from my boss. Blackberry kept vibrating , emails floating around, simply saying one thing ” Where is my money”.  And i used to wonder that why can someone not take one nice deep breath and relax and enjoy with family . But the immense pressure people saw and experienced , it was all about money. Bad times had already started. People getting fired, bonus getting affected , salary hike was issue but eventually it was all about making money. Raise capital , keep the firm well capitalized. Keep the balance sheet tied up. Keep the investors happy.

Why and why all this.  Because it was all about one  thing and that is “Money”

Just like we humans were not able to sleep in this investment banking world in bad times. ” Money never sleeps in this world. Be it good or bad time ” Its all about money

For now this is Shwetal signing off from here… Asta la vista … Enjoy reading and keep liking.

Shwetal – An Aspiring writer.