Change is constant…


Change is constant , everything else is variable. True it is. Its been what a decade , that we have seen a tremendous amount of changes in this world economy. Yes we have, especially after we were hit by the turmoil that began in 2007. Interestingly we not only saw the turmoil in the financial world , but we had a ripple effect of this on other areas. Fiscal deficits rose, imports and exports were hit, currencies started loosing their . It was hard to believe for me to see dollar hitting Rs38,Rs39. What more?

Every situation demands a change. This one too. I myself being into investment banking world thought about. Although i am just a pawn in this game of chess , but i think its our thought process that makes a lot of difference in this world. So i started thinking about it.


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Now whats the most important thing for any company in this world ? Think about it . Its very obvious . Well the answer is its shareholders , investors. The key to remain stable or successful is to retain the confidence of the investors even if the water has reached the deck of your ship. This confidence will only can save your sinking ship. Well yes, didn’t we see many ships sinking. I don’t need to take names. 🙂 .

So , i thought of a platform. A platform where investors could interact with each other. More of networking. It was all about being social on a individual investment. So, think of a facebook page where individual investors would have access to each other .  This would give an opportunity for investors to interact with each other. May be your company might end up attracting more investors. A competitive way to get your sinking ship back to sailing. 🙂

Let me think more on it.

Shwetal – An avid writer.