Polinomics…. A lovely relationship


I was into a relationship few years back , and i learned many things out of it.  The most important part in any relationship is , you have to complement each other . As i have read this many times that a relationship is not about two perfect people coming together but its about two imperfect people coming together and complementing each others qualities and eventually falling in love to build a relationship. Even science says the same ” Opposites attract” 🙂 . Else you got a bumpy ride coming your way. In this world , do relationships apply only in our personal lives. I am sure the answer is no. And so you all will agree.

Economics , a beautiful concept which the whole world is working under. A framework. But Economics doesn’t work alone , every thing in this world is related. But now the best part is with whom. I say “Politics”. Both Politics and economics are not the same thing. They are exactly opposite concepts but they influence each other. And if a country’s economy is prospering , they complement each other. Not many people might agree to this. We have reforms , both political and economical.

I remember, in India until 1994 or may be 1995, i would only see either fiat or Maruti 800 CC , vehicle running on roads. And it used to be luxury , now  i am talking from a common mans perspective. Thanks to Dr. Manmohan Singh whose implementation has actually exposed Indian Economy to other countries. And that is why we have Honda , Volkswagen and BMW running on the roads.

Economic reforms, the way they are implemented , a lot depends on the political leadership of a country. A good leadership would lead to good reforms and eventually a good GDP.  India today is largely seen as a economy , which every country is eying. Right from the point of resourcing and outsourcing.

A good political leadership will lead to a good economic reforms for a country.

Now doesnt it automatically says, politics and economics are related. So let them be into a good relationship. And i call this relationship “Polinomics”

Enjoy reading and keep liking.

Shwetal- An Avid writer.