Innovation a cut throat competition


Each time i think of a product , there is only one question that comes into my mind . What next ? If this product is here. How long would it sell ? One year 2 or maximum 3 years. And after that you need something new. But what. We have so much of competition around in the market . That you cannot survive without innovation.

Lets take a classic example. Apple Inc. Now who knew the products apple made would be so hit in the market that people are ready to spend that much money on that i-phone or i-pod. After i-pod, Steve Jobs did the classic work combining i phone and pod together to make an i phone. That’s called innovation. But during this period there were loads of competitors in the market. Now why would i buy their product , there has to be something different . And there came a company called Samsung. Well Samsung was not a new firm but with the cut throat competition in the market , they had to do something  to survive.

And they came with smartphones which were easily affordable. And that’s the key affordable. Now just raise your hands and tell me how many of you can afford a apple I phone 5 . Let me tell you honestly . I Cannot. I mean i think thats too much of a money to be spent on a phone. I know I – phone is classy and all that jazz but i got to see my pocket as well. Likewise there are many people in this world , who would give the same statement what i gave.

And my understanding is Samsung took care of this part. Now an I- phone 5 would easily cost around 50000 Indian Rupees. Now i bought the Samsung smart phone a year and half back for Rs 8500 and tell you its got both touch and qwerty keypad and the most classy look . Almost giving it a look of a blackberry curve and i am enjoying all possible functionality of a smartphone.

Now to stay in market. Samsung , Smart Camera. Now tell me guys who would have even thought about it. Isn’t it amazing . I mean that’s what i call innovation.

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Innovation is all around , all we have to do is , find it in the simplest of the simple things.

Now signing off

Shwetal An Avid writer.


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