How are you ?


How are you ? I asked this question to myself. The answer was most obvious one. I am fine. 30 mins later i wanted to watch a movie and i switched on my LED and it was Wall street – Money never sleeps.  Quite interesting one. Showed everything that i practically witnessed while i was working. That was me 7 years into investment banking technology group.

One of the most interesting portion of the movie is when Diego asks Jacob ” Whats the most dangerous question in Wall street”

Jacob : Nope

Diego : How are you ?

Damn and this thing struck me like a lightening. And those words were so true. It just simply sounds logical. If you go and asks this question to someone in wall street you are asking him the most dangerous question. How are you ? you don’t know how are you until you know how is your balance sheet. Is your portfolio in risk if yes how much .

So if someone asks me How are you ? That’s dangerous . i might end up saying i am fine but the face of market decides  my status . Funny isn’t it but yes apparently that how someone would answer how are you ?

Shwetal an Aspiring writer.



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