Wall street – Money Never sleeps


Canary Wharf is a major business and financial...

Canary Wharf is a major business and financial centre and is home to some of the UK’s tallest buildings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its been close to 7 years , i have spent in investment banking world. Though in technology , i still have seen the business while i worked in London. When i first entered my office in London , i felt i was in a world where people are running around as if they are about to loose their money. Business would almost kill you if you are not meeting the expectations. And fortunately or unfortunately i landed working in London with a group where calling a day hectic was a very small thing to do.

I still remember when i met my boss , there were two other team members who were constantly speaking to someone as if the person on the other end is about to kill them. That is when i got to know that this world is like living in forest “If you want to survive you have to be fit. No other choice.” Its all about money in investment bank. I used to feel people are greedy sometimes, but its not about greed . The market it self has set such a high expectations that during the good times that i remember a small drop in profit would leave people unsatisfied.

There was only one word around ” Client Client and client” . Working for client became my passion . Looking at their reports sorting out there issues was more of a passion than profession for me. And it was bound to happen as you get to learn so much.

English: Morgan Stanley's office on Times Square

English: Morgan Stanley’s office on Times Square (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even after i used to leave work i used to get calls from my boss. Blackberry kept vibrating , emails floating around, simply saying one thing ” Where is my money”.  And i used to wonder that why can someone not take one nice deep breath and relax and enjoy with family . But the immense pressure people saw and experienced , it was all about money. Bad times had already started. People getting fired, bonus getting affected , salary hike was issue but eventually it was all about making money. Raise capital , keep the firm well capitalized. Keep the balance sheet tied up. Keep the investors happy.

Why and why all this.  Because it was all about one  thing and that is “Money”

Just like we humans were not able to sleep in this investment banking world in bad times. ” Money never sleeps in this world. Be it good or bad time ” Its all about money

For now this is Shwetal signing off from here… Asta la vista … Enjoy reading and keep liking.

Shwetal – An Aspiring writer.


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