Limitations on Social Media …Is it right


I was reading a book the other day it talked about Socialnomics. Interesting term isnt it. I didnt finish reading the book yet but whatever i read actually engrossed me and made my thinking caps on. While readin this book i went back in time, where i was kid in a school. And this reminded me of how my day used to be. Each day i used to reach school by 09:00 and leave by 03:30 . And i had so many friends to interact and we used interact in person day in day out. And that was our social media. And this iam talking around 1994 when we were not even exposed to internet . Talking about facebook and linked in would even sound stupid at that time. But who knew that there would be a time when we would have millions of users networking on socially on web.

This book said a very interesting line. It said if facebook would have been a country it would be the third largest country in the world after China and India. So can you imagine how many people are currently active and networking on it. Socialnomics is nothing but a socio economic shift in the paradigm of people , process and business. Its all about social media how it is driving our lives and the way we do our business.

Social media is everywhere these days. Because of our hectic lifestyles where we are not able to see a friend in person we have something called as facebook . Professional networking linked in. If you are a writer then you have a writers community on web. Wanna get married go to a matrimony website. Its a information superhighway. But with great power comes great responsibiltiy . Unfortunately with this power in our hands some of us have forgotten our responsibilities and thats where we loose the control . And debates like these whether we should limit social media or not begin. It is always that a choice we make which leads to the results. Many of the cyber cirmes have happened via networking websites. Some are very brutal .

It is very important for us to realize that we have a power in our hands. We need to use the good sides of it to benefit the mankind , country , citizesn , economy . Just because we have some bad things happening because of social media doesnt mean that we should limit it completely. If we do that we are going to hit the billion dollar economy. If you want these crimes to reduce make the laws stricter. You cannot talk about reducing the crimes where limiting the social media. Even if you do that the crimes would still continue to happen. Its the stricter laws that make the difference and reduce the crime. There is not point in hitting the billion dollar economy by limiting the social media.

Social media is not restricted to facebook but it goes all the way to ad media to anyother thing you can think off. Let me ask this question to you. While you are watching a movie on star movies and suddenly we have a commercial break . How many of you actually see these commercials ? I will tell you . None of you would sincerly watch it unless its written on top of your screens that ” Back in 2 mins ” and the clock is ticking.  So that is why we have social media on web where we have advertisements.  Today you see an advertisement from e bay and you find the offer great  . what you do ? Pull out your laptop and just open the website and order . This wouldnt happen if you are watching a commercial between movies.

Today we have upcoming or rather already existing concepts like Social banking where there are firms thinking of implementing social banking . If you put limitations on social media how are these ideas going to born. Innovation will die. And this way you are actually killing jobs and birth to a great idea. We have blogs on internet , which gives birth to great writers.  Who are not only able to express themselves but share the knowledge they have . Where would this all go if you limit he social media.

So think about it .. Lets not limit the social media and hit ourselves. Rather be aware make our choices right and believe in progress.


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A day in the life of a Investment banking Analyst


I was reading through this small snippet on wall street prep website talking about a day in the life of a investment banking analyst and thought would be really usefull for anyone to know who is into investment banking.


  • 9:30am – Arrive to work and check email and voicemail
  • 10am – Continue working on a buy-side client presentation (“pitchbook”) from yesterday.  Since you already finished with the “Public Market Overview” pages last night, you now begin inserting a graphical representation of possible exchange ratios.
  • 11:25am – An associate calls to tell you that you have been staffed on another deal and you’ll need to put together a PIB (public information book) about the target.
  • 12pm – You finish putting together the PIB and get back to work on the original pitch
  • 1pm – You grab lunch with you friends at the cafeteria
  • 1:45pm – Back at your desk, you open up a Merger Model you need to have done for another deal team by the end of the night.  Since you pretty much finished the model last night, you’re now checking your work for bugs, mistakes, formatting, and analyzing various accretion/dilution results based on different scenarios (sensitivity analysis).
  • 3:45pm – Your associate from the buy-side pitch calls and tells you that the VP wants to met in a conference room to look at what we’ve got so far and discuss how to go forward.
  • 4pm – You meet with the VP and your associate.  The MD is traveling on another pitch so he’s conferenced in.  Basically, since the 40% of the target company is owned by an investment company, their consent is vital for the success of the acquisition.  As such, we need to put in a few pages on this investment company into the pitch so that our client (the potential acquirer) understands what he’s up against.
  • 5pm – Back at your desk, you incorporate some of the changes into the pitchbook from your meeting.  You include a profile on the investment company and a page on stock ownership.
  • 7pm – You order dinner with your friends from a big book full of menus that everyone uses on the floor and eat it in an empty conference room.
  • 8pm – Around 8:00pm things usually start to settle down and you can really start focusing on catching up on all the work ou were getting distracted from during the day.
  • 10pm – Off to the gym for a quick workout.
  • 11pm – Back in the office you pull up the merger model you were working on but had to stop because of the meeting in the afternoon. You’re putting the final finishing touches on it and send an email off to your associate letting him know it’s ready.
  • 2am – Call a car and go home

Tough one huh…. Anyways hope we all have learnt something out of it.

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First banking activity of the world


How many of us have actually given it a serious thought. Ok let me ask you this question. When did the first banking activity in this world began ? How many of us know an answer to this question . I guess not many so for those who dont know . The first banking activity began during Roman empire . It was name as Bank of Saint George also known as Banco di San Giorgio in Roman ,where moneylenders converted foreign currencies to the legal tender of Rome issued by the Imperial mint.

This was established in 1406 AD in Italy. The bank’s headquarters were at the Palazzo San Giorgio, which was built in the 13th century by order of Guglielmo Boccanegra, uncle of Simone Boccanegra, the first Doge of Genoa.

Many of Genoa’s overseas territories were governed either directly or indirectly by the Bank. In 1453 the Republic handed over governance of Corsica, Gazaria, and a number of other possessions to Bank officials, though over the course of the fifteenth century the Republic gradually reclaimed many of its territories from Bank control.[4] The Taman peninsula remained in the control of the de Ghisolfi family, but the princes of that clan now reported to the Bank.

The Bank lent considerable sums of money to many rulers throughout Europe during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, gaining widespread influence. Ferdinand and Isabella maintained accounts there, as did Christopher Columbus. Charles V was heavily in debt to the Bank during much of his reign. Niccolò Machiavelli writes in book VIII, chapter VI of the Istorie Fiorentine:

This establishment presents an instance of what in all the republics, either described or imagined by philosophers, has never been thought of; exhibiting within the same community, and among the same citizens, liberty and tyranny, integrity and corruption, justice and injustice; for this establishment preserves in the city many ancient and venerable customs; and should it happen (as in time it easily may) that the San Giorgio should have possession of the whole city, the republic will become more distinguished than that of Venice.[1]

In the seventeenth century the Bank became heavily involved in maritime trade, and for a time competed with such concerns as the Dutch East India Company and the English East India Company.

After Napoleon invaded Italy, he suppressed independent banks, and this led to the Bank’s closure in 1805

Courtesy of this information is Wiki Pedia. I was reading through it so i thought to share it with my readers.

Hope you will enjoy…Looking forward to hear from my readers… This is Shwetal Signing off for now. I will be back

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